Softie's Scrubs Agent & Authorized Distributor

Have you got what it takes to push our product and earn $$$?

We have 2 distribution models for the Softie's Scrubs and Nursing Shoes:

1. Healthcare Heros. Know a lot of medical staff? You can sell the Softie's scrubs to them on our behalf and earn 20% on all sales. 

How Does it Work?

You recommend the products to friends and colleagues, take down the order, take the full payment, hop onto the website and order using their delivery address and your account and we will ship the full order on your behalf. To register please email to receive a unique 20% discount code to be used at checkout


2. Authorized Business Distributor

You will require an ABN number for this and a physical shop or an online ecommerce website selling scrubs in Australia. The process for drop shipping is the same as above except the discount code will be set up on your account at 30% off RRP. For bulk orders a further discount will be offered in addition to this discount. Please note that we do not offer any credit accounts. 


Please note that we do not ship outside Australia. International Distribution requests are welcome for Australasia and South East Asia