Premium Lab Coats for Medical Professionals

At Simply Scrubs, we are proud to be your trusted source for high-quality lab coats, including the classic white lab coat revered by healthcare professionals nationwide. We specialise in providing the quintessential doctor coat, engineered for function, comfort, and a professional appearance.

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At Simply Scrubs, we present an exceptional array of white lab coatsthat blend comfort with a sleek design, empowering our everyday heroes to excel in their roles while exuding confidence and poise.

In the hands-on environment of patient care or the precision-required setting of a laboratory, the rightlab coat is essential. Our lab coats merge supreme functionality with modern aesthetics, offering extensive coverage to safeguard against direct contact and spills, all while upholding the highest standards of safety and hygiene. These doctor coats are a modern twist on the traditional doctor white coat, complete with practical pockets for the utmost convenience in any medical setting.

Embrace a touch of personal flair with our collection of both classic white and coloured lab coats. Designed for both men and women, our doctor white coats are the perfect fusion of function and fashion for medical professionals, healthcare workers, and educators alike, all at a value that respects your budget.

Simply Scrubs Australia offers a variety of laboratory coats from leading brands, such as Biz Collection, Benchmark, DNC Workwear, and JB’s Wear. To give a personalised touch, we also offer embroidery and printing services for all nurse uniforms and safety apparel. Don’t forget to check this section—we’ll continue to add more styles and colours just for you!

If you are looking for classic lab coats then you are at the right place. Simply Scrubs brings you a good collection of lab coats for students and medical professionals.


The lab coats for men are designed carefully with high-quality fabric that is soft on the skin and does not cause any irritation. The fine combination of polyester and cotton drill fabric makes it an ideal medical suit that can be worn for long hours without any discomfort. The material composition of the lab coats for women is 65% polyester and 35% cotton. The cotton fabric offers comfort, breathability, and absorbency of sweat. With antibacterial and moisture-wicking properties, these lab coats are comfortable to work all day long and give you long-lasting freshness. The soft and luxurious fabric of the doctor coat is treated with Teflon Stain Release to keep your lab coat away from stains at work or during laboratory experiments, offering an extra layer of protection from harmful chemicals and contact with the patient's bodily fluids. The polyester fabric further offers the lab coats durability and a hard-wearing performance.


The laboratory coat comes with full sleeves and a buttoned-down front. It has a simple V-collar and full-sleeved silhouette making it easy to wear and remove the coat. The notched collar comes with a back hem vent that allows you to move comfortably. This classic fit doctor lab coat is designed with functional pockets for added convenience. These multi-functional pockets include one chest pocket, two hand pockets, and a hidden pocket to carry your mobile. So, you can easily keep all the required items handy with you. The lab coats for students have a traditional 2 large pocket design with four sturdy buttons.


The lab coats are well tailored in a modern tailored fit and come in a variety of styles. The cropped-length coats are ideal for medical students. They can wear these during experiments. The long-length coats are ideal for physicians and doctors. Available in colours like white and blue, this dust coat is designed for full functionality in the hospital environment and is suitable for use in educational institutions, and medical and healthcare facilities. These custom lab coats are perfect for all body types and come in sizes ranging from 2XS to 5XL. The stylish lab coats can be customised using embroidery services and printing options.

Discover the Perfect White Lab Coat

Our selection of white lab coats is designed with the medical professional in mind, from the hospital to the laboratory. Each doctor white coat in our collection is crafted from durable materials, ensuring that you maintain a crisp, professional image throughout your day.

White Lab Coats: A Symbol of Trust and Expertise

Embrace the traditional symbol of medical expertise with ourwhite lab coats.

Doctor Coat: Tailored for Performance

Understanding the rigorous demands of the medical profession, our doctor coats are tailored to meet the needs of every medical practitioner. With ample pocket space and comfortable fabrics, our lab coats are as practical as they are stylish.

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Each product in our range is carefully curated to ensure it meets the high standards of our diverse clientele. With Simply Scrubs, you're choosing quality, comfort, and style in every item.

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  • Health & Beauty

    Lab Dust Coat Unisex SL01

    Lab coats are the first piece of garment that differentiate a healthcare professional with a layman. The attire that brings forth pride and trust shouldn’t be...

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  • Work Wear

    JB'S Dust Coat 5HDC

    When you are working in a medical institution or hospital laboratory, you deserve a long coat that fits your work requirements while maintaining the decorum of...

    Regular price $38.11 AUD
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  • Work Wear

    DNC WORKWEAR 200 GSM Polyester Cotton Dust Coat (Lab Coat) 3502

    DNC dust coat or lab coat Features: Knee-length dust coat with full sleeves and buttoned-down front 65% polyester for durability, and 35% cotton drill for comfort...

    Regular price $38.00 AUD
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  • Health & Beauty

    Biz Collection Unisex Classic Lab Coat H132ML

    Looking for a doctor coat for those long demanding hours at the lab? Your search is over with this Classic Unisex Lab Coat from Biz Collection...

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  • Mens Hope Long Line Lab Coat CC144ML

    Mens Hope Long Line Lab Coat CC144ML Functional and comfortable lab coat in a modern tailored fit Soft and luxurious fabric treated with Teflon® Stain Release...

    Regular price $59.47 AUD
    Sale price $59.47 AUD Regular price
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  • Mens Hope Cropped Lab Coat CC144MC

    Mens Hope Cropped Lab Coat CC144MC Functional and comfortable lab coat in a modern tailored fit Soft and luxurious fabric treated with Teflon® Stain Release Cropped...

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  • Womens Hope Cropped Lab Coat CC144LC

    Womens Hope Cropped Lab Coat CC144LC Functional and comfortable lab coat in a modern tailored fit Soft and luxurious fabric treated with Teflon® Stain Release Cropped...

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