Beauty Therapy Uniforms in Australia

At Simply Scrubs, we specialise in providing the perfect blend of style, comfort, and professionalism with our range of beauty therapist uniforms. Catering to the aesthetic industry across Australia, our collection of tunics and uniforms is designed with the modern beauty professional in mind.

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Elevate Your Professional Wardrobe with Our Beauty Therapist Uniform

Our carefully selected beauty therapist uniform collection ensures that you look polished and feel confident as you provide exceptional service to your clients. From sleek, contemporary designs to timeless classics, our uniforms are tailored to enhance your professional image.

Discover Our Chic Tunics Australia Range

We understand that a beauty professional's attire should be as refined as the services they provide. That's why our tunics are not just apparel; they are a statement of sophistication and elegance. Explore our collection to find tunics that promise the perfect fit and function for everyday luxury.

Beauty Uniforms Australia: Synonymous with Quality and Style

Our range of beauty uniforms in Australia reflects the latest trends while maintaining the practicality that therapists require. Each piece is crafted from high-quality materials to ensure durability, comfort, and ease of care.

Perfect Blend of Durability and Flexibility

The spa tunic top comes in a lightweight fabric blend of polyester and elastane. This high-quality fabric blend provides the required durability and stretchability, giving you a long-lasting and resilient performance. The elastane fabric ensures that your spa tunic does not go out of shape and retains its original form even after regular use. The material requires little to no ironing allowing ease of use and less maintenance. The beautician uniform fabric is further treated with Teflon, which lets it resist stains. It maximises comfort when worn for long hours and keeps the fabric free from stains and spots. This stain-release technology is both practical and user-friendly, especially when using spa tunics as a daily wear uniform.

Versatile In Style and Performance

The elegant spa uniforms for women are versatile in style and performance and well-suited for use across cosmetics, beauty, healthcare, and medical industries. The modern spa uniforms come with an impeccable streamlined design with essential features like a neat mandarin collar. It further has a semi-fitted waist and the design is completed with a 2-way zip-up front closure and 2 front pockets to keep your essential items handy. The design is easy to wear and take off with short sleeves and provides enough space for easy hand and shoulder movement. The side splits further add to the ease of motion so that it fits perfectly and does not make you feel uncomfortable even while wearing it all day long.

Professional Beauty and Spa Tunics

The beautician tunic is available in various colours for you to pick from according to the different streams and job roles. The colour options are black, magenta, charcoal, cherry, electric blue, navy, purple, teal, and white. The long straight hem length and cuff detailing of the spa tunic uniforms further make the design look more professional. You may choose the perfect size for you among available sizes which are 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, and 30. Add a personalised appeal to your professional spa uniforms by adding your company logos or stylish embroideries to them. Coordinate these massage tunics with your favourite scrub pants to get a professional yet refined look.

Choose Simply Scrubs For Beauty Therapy Uniforms

Simply Scrubs is dedicated to outfitting beauty industry experts with uniforms that speak volumes of their commitment to beauty and care. Embrace the perfect fusion of form and function with our premium uniforms, designed for those who appreciate the art of beauty and the importance of lasting comfort. Join the ranks of Australia’s finest beauty professionals—choose Simply Scrubs, where every garment is a masterpiece of style and sophistication.

Explore Our Range Of Products

  • Printed Scrubs: Bring a personal touch to your uniform with our collection of printed scrubs. Ideal for those looking to express their individual style, our prints range from subtle to bold, ensuring there's a design for every taste.
  • Vet Scrubs: Designed with the unique demands of veterinary professionals in mind, our vet scrubs blend durability with comfort. These specialised garments stand up to the varied challenges of animal care while keeping you looking and feeling your best.

Every item in our collection represents our commitment to quality and our understanding of the needs of medical professionals. Shop with us today and experience the Simply Scrubs difference.

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11 products

  • Health & Beauty

    Softies Devon Premium Spa Tunic DT01

    The beauty industry has evolved immensely in the recent years. With the growing trend of engaging in self-care and grooming, there is a lot to explore...

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  • Health & Beauty

    Helix Dry Asymmetric Front Tunic CATUFL

    Practical and professional, we've brought form and function together for you with our tunic. The asymmetric cut and thoughtful, tailored stitching delivers both movement and style....

    Regular price $48.00 AUD
    Sale price $48.00 AUD Regular price
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  • Health & Beauty

    Softies Windsor Premium Spa Tunic WT01 CLEARANCE NON-RETUNABLE

    With more people giving importance to self-care and rejuvenation, there is a sudden escalation in the growth trajectory of salon and spa industry. To add a...

    Regular price $21.95 AUD
    Sale price $21.95 AUD Regular price $49.95 AUD
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  • Health & Beauty

    Biz Collection Women’s Eden Tunic H133LS

    Looking good has a lot to do with feeling great. And when you are working in a spa or massage parlour, talking to customers and providing...

    Regular price $59.41 AUD
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  • Health & Beauty

    Biz Care Womens Florence Easy Stretch Tunic CS949LS

    Biz Care Womens Florence Easy Stretch Tunic CS949LS The stretchable fabric is in much vogue now and you can enjoy this feature in your hospital workwear...

    Regular price $53.82 AUD
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  • Health & Beauty

    Zip Front Tunic CATU68

    The zip front tunic is a comfortable classic. Suitable for a variety of industries such as pharmaceutical services, beauticians and care services. In a choice of...

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  • Health & Beauty

    Biz Collection Women’s Bliss Spa Dentist Tunic H632L

    Attend customers and clients in a stylish yet professional avatar with this Women’s Bliss Spa Dentist Tunic Top by Biz Collection. If you desire both style...

    Regular price $63.34 AUD
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  • Health & Beauty

    Biz Care Womens Easy Stretch Daisy Print Tunic CS950LS

    Biz Care Womens Easy Stretch Daisy Print Tunic CS950LS Workwear need not be boring especially when you can have printed ladies tunic like the Biz Care...

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