Indigenous Scrubs: Celebrating Local Artists

Indigenous Scrubs: Celebrating Local Artists

NNT Warlu indigenous scrubs top

We have seen a tremendous increase in demand for Indigenous scrubs in Australia, which incorporate traditional designs, symbols, and colours to celebrate the deep history of Indigenous Australians.

These scrubs not only promote an awareness of cultural diversity and inclusivity in the healthcare industry, but they also offer a fantastic opportunity to support and promote Aboriginal-owned businesses and artists.

We'd like to showcase some of these beautiful and unique Indigenous-inspired and designed scrubs available at Simply Scrubs.

Indigenous Scrubs: Inspiring Prints

The Simply Scrubs range of Aboriginal print scrubs are not just stylish and striking, but also of the highest quality. Featuring vibrant, colourful designs inspired by traditional Indigenous symbols and motifs, such as the dot painting style, these scrubs are crafted from high-quality, easy to care for fabric, sure to last for years to come.


NNT Water Dreaming Indigenous Nursing Scrub Top

Water Dreaming Scrub Top

Limited Edition print by Indigenous artist, Lynette Nangala Singleton

Lynette Nangala Singleton grew up in Yuendumu, 290km northwest from Alice Springs. Her captivating artwork portrays Puyurru, a site west of Yuendumu with natural wells where Nangala/Nampijinpa women and Jangala/Jampijinpa men are the traditional owners.

Rainmakers sang in the rain and a storm travelled across the country from east to west, accompanied by a termite Dreaming. Lightning struck Wirnpa and Kanaralji and hills were formed at Ngamangama. The Dreaming also includes the children of the clouds Dreaming. Long pointy clouds were stuck into the ground at Jukajuka, now seen as rock formations.

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NNT Warlu Indigenous Scrub Top - Theo Nangala

Warlu Indigenous Scrub Top

Limited Edition design by Indigenous artist, Theo (Faye) Nangala Hudson

Theo, born in 1989 in Alice Springs, has been painting since the age of 13. Her unique style showcases a modern interpretation of her traditional culture. This limited-edition scrub top features Theo's 'Pikilyi Jukurrpa (Vaughan Springs Dreaming)' artwork, authenticated by Warlukurlangu Artists Aboriginal Corporation. The vibrant blue-and-green design is reminiscent of her original artworks and tells the story of two rainbow serpents who were ancestral heroes and lived as a couple in the Vaughan Springs.

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Pilbara Scrub Top

Limited Edition print by Indigenous artist, Tyrown Waigana

The printed design speaks to the importance of health, community, and holistic healing. From the symbols of community, water, earth, and plants to the overall concept of a healthy country full of flowing water and flourishing plants, the design encapsulates the idea of a healthy community and healthy individuals.

It truly is a beautiful representation of the potential of traditional healing methods.

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Simply Scrubs is proud to showcase the beautiful and unique designs on our Indigenous scrubs, created by talented local Aboriginal artists, such as Lynette Nangala Singleton, Theo Nangala Hudson, and Tyrown Waigana. With the purchase of these scrubs, we are contributing directly to the Warlu agency and the artists, giving back to the community that inspires us.

As a healthcare professional, you can wear something comfortable, meaningful, and empowering while providing the best care for your patients.