Buying healthcare scrubs in Australia

Do Nurses Buy Their Own Scrubs Uniforms in Australia?

In the healthcare industry, clothing and nursing scrub uniforms are of the utmost significance. Scrub uniforms save employees from contaminants and make an employee job simple, each clothing and uniform item serves its own objective, whether it is a set of scrubs or lab coat.

Healthcare scrubs are a vital part in providing sufficient healthcare. Their role in the medical facility is remarkable.

Today, medical scrubs have evolved to become a big fashion statement? Medical scrubs come in a range of styles, fabric, colors, and fit.

Do healthcare facilities provide nursing scrubs?

Healthcare facilities are not required by law to give medical and nursing scrubs. Some may give them for free or offer yearly pays for employees to buy their own medical scrubs. In most cases, the purchase of a medical uniform is the employee's liability. Your facility may provide you firm guidelines on a specific brand or color to purchase.

Color-coded nurse scrubs give professionalism and consistency for staff and patients to better identify workers. This also makes finding where to shop a little harder. You could get lucky and work where the guidelines are relaxed and only need that they are neat and in best taste. No limits on color or brand make buying scrubs a little easier. Policies change from facility to facility so check the specific guidelines before buying.

Tips for buying nurses scrubs

If you work in hospital uniform procurement or are a care worker or nurse responsible for buying your own uniform, then here are the key things to keep in mind before buy:


Built into the objective of wearing uniform is the authority it provides the wearer. A uniform in a hospital lets colleagues, patients, and visitors alike know that you are supposed to be there. This provides them self-esteem that they are in the right place and that you are the right person to see. Hospital visits can generally be a worrying time, so a uniform makes clinicians easily recognizable and creates relaxation of mind.

Never compromise with the material

Ensure that you pick the scrubs with relaxed and soft material because you have to wear this protective attire all day long. You can pick 100% cotton, polyester and cotton mix, or other blends as per your needs.  If you encounter a lot of bodily fluids and germs at work, it is preferable that you go for antimicrobial and stain-resistant nurse scrubs. It will be remarkable if your scrubs are moisture-wicking as well. They will keep you dry and chill throughout the day.

Colors do count

When you are purchasing scrubs, get sure about what type of color scheme is needed in your healthcare setting. There is a big range of colors to pick from and it fully depends on your personal preferences. Blue and green are a few colors that are mostly seen in the hospitals. They match both the petite and plus size individuals. Dark colors, like navy, wine, and black have the capability to decrease size and top suit individuals with plus sizes. On the other hand, light colors make individuals look big and matched for petite people.

Loose or fitted?

Most nurse scrubs are designed to fit loosely. Depending on the fabric, they will also probably shrink a little when you wash them for the first time. Loose scrubs can provide you a bigger range of motion and hide your troublesome areas. Scrubs that are fitted in all the best places will complement your body type and show off your physique. They should never be so tight that they ride up when you move or provide you with a feeling of discomfort.


Storage area is a must, mainly for nurses who are forever on the go. Pockets are great, but the position of your pocket can either hinder or help your workday. Chest pockets are best for pens and mobile phones so long as you are alert about bending over. To reject spillage, go for patch pockets on the waistline for all your essentials. For a more perfect look, scrubs tops are also accessible with no pockets.

What are you wearing beneath scrubs?

While picking nurse scrubs, it is also vital to take into consideration whether you are going to wear something under your scrub pants and top. If you are going to wear something, then your scrub should cover what you are wearing inside. If not, then your scrub should be thick enough to cover your body properly. Consider all the above-mentioned points while purchasing scrubs. They will help you pick a nurse scrub that will compliment your body type and help you do your work more successfully.

Why nurse scrubs are important

Here are some of the advantages that medical pros, patient, and healthcare facilities gain from scrubs:

Scrubs are economically efficient

Scrubs are designed for highest use and efficiency. They are made of high standard fabric that is both affordable and can withstand even the most thorough cleaning process possible. This means that they can last through years of use and are simple to replace.

Medical scrubs give sufficient protection against bodily fluids

High standard medical scrubs are made of fabric thick enough to stop a patient's bodily fluids from making direct contact with the wearer’s skin.

Scrubs are functional

Nurse scrubs are designed to help make the job simple for the wearer, with their big pockets and their range of motion.

Scrubs make healthcare professionals simply identifiable

Like every firm uniform, scrubs give simple identification of the location's professionals. These identifications are generally improved with custom color combinations or clinic log embroidery/prints.

Scrubs give comfort and range of movement for the wearer

It is no secret that healthcare experts have some of the most physically straining jobs around. Aside from the exposure to bad pathogens on a regular basis, they are also the ones who are guessed to stand on their feet throughout their shift, work through long hours, or move around the hospital for hours on end, or lift patients. To do their jobs efficiently, they need uniforms that will provide them with the best comfort.