Softies Scrubs are your trusted healthcare scrubs brand, providing quality and function.

Softies Scrubs: Quality and Comfort

As the leading supplier of nurse uniforms in Australia, at Simply Scrubs, we have a deep understanding of the needs and preferences of medical professionals who are in search of scrubs that are not only high-quality but also stylish and functional.

With their commitment to excellence and attention to detail, Softies Scrubs has earned a reputation for providing reliable and durable scrubs that meet the unique needs and preferences of healthcare workers.


The Importance of Scrubs

Scrubs are essential clothing items and uniforms worn by medical and healthcare professionals in the industry. They play a vital role in providing adequate healthcare and protecting employees from pollutants, making their jobs easier and more efficient.

Simply Scrubs' Mission

Simply Scrubs was founded with the goal of providing high-quality outfits to staff members in the Australia, allowing them to look and feel their best while providing treatment to patients.

Traditional medical uniforms were often dull and lacking in key areas, so Simply Scrubs created a scrub shop that offers gender-neutral, stylish, and functional uniforms tailored to meet the needs of discerning scrub shoppers.

Benefits of Scrubs

An appropriate dressing makes a staff member look professional and presentable. In the medical industry, doctors and nurses wear medical scrubs as uniforms. We give you below some advantages of medical uniforms for clinics and hospitals. They are not comprehensive. However, it should give you an idea of the importance of wearing scrubs at the workplace.


Patients trust the advice and counseling of professionally uniformed medical staff more when compared to the ones that appear in plain clothes. They also perceive that healthcare personnel who wear uniforms will provide better medical care and service. Such feelings can improve the competitive advantage and brand reputation of the establishment.


Scrub tops can provide the perfect sense of professionalism to the workers. Wearing proper uniforms tends to boost confidence while performing their tasks. Self-confidence for doctors in performing critical tasks is so vital that any mistake arising out of poor morale can cost the patient's life.


Hospital administrators and executives can use the medical uniforms of their nurses and doctors as a walking marketing strategy and advertisement to promote the branding of their services. Providing decent outfits to staff is a way of communicating to the outside world that they mean business and give the best medical care to patients.


Wearing uniforms instills pride and a sense of belonging to healthcare staff by making them feel like members of the same family with the same values and ethics. This camaraderie can also develop a team spirit and make them feel like they are a critical part and a contributing factor to a bigger picture.


Some people find it time-consuming to think about what to wear every morning. With uniforms, hospital staff can prepare for duties quickly as they don't have to worry about what to wear. Administrators don't have to stipulate a dress code at the workplace. Moreover, they can claim deductions in their tax returns by filing medical uniform costs as an expense.


Bodily waste from the patients is common in hospitals and clinics that can often soil medical uniforms. Knowing the kind of fluid helps the professionals to take the appropriate measures to disinfect the area, care for and treat the patient, and take precautionary steps to protect themselves and the visitors.

Scrub Tops

If they feel too slack and loose, it may prevent the wearer from doing the job correctly. And if it is too tight, it can restrict movement. A scrubs top described as stretchy or flexible is the best choice, as it can be less restrictive and maximize your activities. Ensure that the scrubs top falls right below the hip and covers your body while working. Also, ensure the neckline cut is not too low and revealing in the front.

Softies have designed the scrub tops for fit, performance, and function. They are crafted from comfortable and soft fabrics to enable the nurses to work through long shifts. They come in different fit styles, colours, and sizes for both men and women and match the requirements of each establishment.

Nurse Uniforms

Nursing uniforms and nursing shoes defend the wearer from infections brought on by constant exposure to infectious environments. The uniforms protect the nurses from such infectious substances as bodily fluids such as vomit, urine, stool, and blood, as well as fungus, poisonous chemicals, germs, and contaminants. Nursing uniforms do not have to be clumsy. It can be functional and stylish.

Softies carries a wide selection of modern and comfortable nurse uniforms to provide them with protection and, at the same time, make them look good. They combine design and functionality. The uniforms provide caustic spills and skin-contact protection during work.

Nurse Scrubs

The earliest nurse scrubs were white that conveyed purity and cleanliness. However, the bright lights strained the eyes of the medical professionals and doctors in the operating theatres. Consequently, coloured nursing scrubs became commonplace. Each medical institution started adopting its brand colours.

Softies Scrubs offers not only nurse scrubs in different colours, but they can also print them to bring a playful and cheerful vibe to the workplace featuring a perfect neckline and straight or curvy cut as deemed fit. The prints can also make the branding stand out prominently.

Nursing Scrubs

Nurses wear scrubs for different reasons. They make it easy to be identified and are relatively easy to keep clean. Even occupational therapists and pharmacists must wear them in rehabilitation centres and pharmacies. Some employers require medical professionals to wear, both men and women, polo shirts with the company logo.

The flattering nursing scrubs offered by Softies Scrubs are purpose-built for the medical and healthcare industry. The functional and attractive nursing scrubs complement the working style and décor. They can easily bear the rigours of real-life working experience.

Why Softies Scrubs?

Hospitals and health facilities can benefit from providing medical scrubs and uniforms to the professionals at the workplace. The key lies in choosing the appropriate clothing that would provide protection, instil a sense of belonging, and carry the marketing brand of the institution.

Softies Scrubs understands your needs and has designed the uniform with real-life experience in mind. Softies Fun Scrubs now in stock including dog prints, animal prints, space prints, Christmas Scrubs and indigenous scrub tops.