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Scrubs uniforms, including scrubs tops, are no longer limited to nurses and medical personnel. More companies are recognizing the need for an all around protective uniform that can be worn by men, women, and children alike. Anti-bacterial scrubs tops, anti-scratch scrubs bottoms, and other new designs are not only being worn by medical personnel but also by everyday people such as housewives, employees in hospitals, and individuals who work around water.


So what are some of the features that are common among scrubs tops and scrub pants? Anti-bacterial scrub pants are made with a nylon and lycra blend so that they hold moisture, repel moths, and are resistant to stains. Anti-bacterial scrubs tops are now available in a variety of colors, styles, and patterns. Some of these designs include; stripes, ponchos, polka dots, solid colors, cartoon characters, and much more. For more fun, some companies now offer polka dot vinyl that when attached to scrubs tops, makes the scrub top resemble a shirt. Other companies such as Lulea, shave, and Cetaphil are creating unique new designs in their anti-bacterial scrub pant line.


Anti-microbial nurse scrubs tops are becoming more popular because they protect nurses and medical personnel from infections, promote cleanliness, and make working in the medical field easier. Although these products may not look like much, they do cover a lot of ground; keeping hands, fingers, and toes protected from any contaminates. Scrubs pants are designed to be comfortable and easy to use while at the same time allowing the individual to have maximum visibility and freedom of movement. Anti-bacterial scrubs tops, scrub pants, and scrub shirts are designed with comfort and ease in mind; allowing any medical professional the ability to perform his or her job with confidence.


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