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A lab coat, also referred to as a medical professional's coat or laboratory coat, is usually knee-length, with a collar and flap-style lapels, worn by medical professionals such as doctors, nurses and technicians in hospitals, doctor's offices, clinics and laboratories. Lab coats serve as an easy uniform for those doing sensitive research, allowing medical staff to focus on the patients. Lab coats are also worn by those in the healthcare field, particularly by nurse practitioners, physician assistants, pharmacy technicians and medical support staff. The coat helps prevent contamination of surfaces, as well as provide an easy method of clearing debris from areas that are too biologic for a single individual to clean effectively. Some coats also have additional features, such as Velcro tabs or drawstrings, that allow for easier access to pockets and equipment, or to provide a more secure fit when working with patient care units.


Ordering lab coats online provides the option for people to pay per piece, or to pay a flat rate for the entire coat - which may be less expensive depending on the specialty of the wearer. Lab coats can be purchased for a wide variety of purposes, including basic office wear and study materials, or as an employee of the medical industry who requires specialized attire for specific tasks. Many coats are made from heavy duty polyester with modern detailing, including embroidery and pewter colored stitching, making them suitable for frequent lab coats or work environments. Lab coats available for sale online also include a choice of styles and colors, including long sleeve, short sleeve, crew neck, mock turtleneck, slouch jacket, trench coat, and one-piece lab coats with zip closures. Certain brands even offer custom fit lab coats, with fabric samples sent to you so that you can determine the optimal fit for your body type and wardrobe.


An important consideration when ordering your lab coat online is to ensure that you will be getting the right color. It's often difficult for a customer to select a lab coat that is both comfortable and appropriate for his or her needs. It's also important to ensure that your personalized lab coat will blend well with other items in your medical setting. If you're unsure about how a particular coat will look on you, ask for a sample, and see how it looks when you wear it under clothing to make sure that it will look right on you.

By Umesh Jina


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